What is the Relationship Between Wellness, Prevention,
and a Holistic Approach in Medicine?

Terms like, wellness, and prevention have been around for a time.  But, until recently,
practices of wellness (and what it really means) have been reserved for only the most
dedicated and informed people interested in health.

If you are new to wellness and prevention you may not know what it all means for you.  
What is the meaning of wellness exactly?  At best you may know it is a "good thing"
to have but hard to achieve.  At worst, you may, incorrectly believe, that wellness is
little more than a mystical concept with doubtful benefits.

If you are somewhat familiar with holistic wellness and prevention, you may already know
the philosophy is sound and the benefits are real.  In fact, wellness has moved from the
fringes of Health Care to the mainstream.

Best of all, we now understand the relationship between wellness and a
holistic approach in medicine and its affect on prevention.

Learn and Benefit from New Emerging Science
that Shows How Wellness and a Holistic Approach in Medicine
Can Help Lead to Real Disease Prevention.
Leslie Parchment, D.O., M.P.H.
Director of Health Wellness Education

Leslie began her medical career as a
primary care physician trained in Internal
Medicine.  She soon leveraged her Public
Health education and training to develop
programs and paradigms for solving health
disparities; improving health outcomes; and
reducing health costs.  

Her clients attribute much of her success to
her effective style and adherence to
principles that uniquely combine Health
Information Technology with a scientific
approach to wellness and prevention.

Leslie is an avid and noted author in the area
of health and wellness.  She often conducts
live and online seminars in health and
wellness.  She also consults and coaches
organizations and individuals in these areas
as well.
Thanks to advances in science and Health Information Technology there is an easy and
effective way to help you connect the Mind and the Body in a totally holistic approach.    
These same advances can help you practice
wellness regardless of your age, current health
status, or experience.

Best of all, these advances allow the combination
of a holistic approach and the practice of wellness
to help result in Prevention.

To Learn the Benefits and See the Advances in Approach
and Practice For Yourself Watch This Movie:

"Profit with Prevention"
"Making Holistic Wellness Benefit Your Life and Your Wallet"

Click Links Below to See Movie (8 short parts)
Additional Featured Movie
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"Sleep Your Way to Holistic Wellness"
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