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AHP WELL Wellness Screen
for Wellness without Work

Our Wellness Screen Helps Reveal and Fix
Key Health Issues Affecting Your Wellness

What is Your Main Wellness Goal?

Total  Wellness ?

Weight Loss ?

Blood Pressure ?

Cholesterol ?

Strength or Flexibility ?

Heart Health ?

Stress Relief ?

Not Sure ?
No Problem !  
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Regardless of your wellness goal, our wellness screen is guaranteed to:
SHOW YOU WHERE YOU STAND - Only this wellness screen will reveal your current health
wellness status based on your health issues, time constraints, and lifestyle.

TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD DO - Only this wellness plan screen provides effective
solutions for the key health issues preventing wellness.  The solutions provided are based on
your unique time constraints, health issues, and lifestyle.


EXPLAIN HOW YOU SHOULD DO IT – Only this wellness plan screen reveals how to apply
health, time, and lifestyle issues in a way that gives you the most benefit without the usual
dieting or exercise frustration.

Thinner Body in all the right places because this wellness plan will help melt inches of
fat off your core as fat is replaced with muscle
*Details on Wellness Weight Loss

Clean Arteries that will not only be cleared of plaque causing fat and cholesterol; but
provide protection from fat or cholesterol trying to block your arteries in the future

Low Risk Of Heart Attack or failure because of the improved pumping effectiveness
and lowered work load pressures

Feel Stress Free, refreshed, unburdened as you deal with family, friends, and work
without dread or fatigue

Decrease In Pain associated with daily activities and increase your ease and strength
of movement or flexibility

Know Your Current Health Wellness Status based on your health issues, time
constraints, and lifestyle

Power From Knowing Expert Inside Tips as you finally have all the inside tips and
tricks doctors and health wellness experts know to have complete control over your life
- Best of all, you will completely understand tips and tricks and use them successfully

No Interruption Of Your Lifestyle as you won’t need to make changes to your
lifestyle or busy daily routine

Knowledge Of Your Unique Wellness Tips and strategies necessary to achieve
wellness given your time, life style, and health issues in the fastest and easiest way

Freedom From The Time Constraints and frustrations of more traditional plans

Live Health Coaching for your unique health time, lifestyle, or product issue by one of
our staff physicians or health professionals
Try Our Wellness Screen FREE NOW!
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This is What You Get with Your Wellness Screen!
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Why Wellness Screening?
Wellness Screens are the future of health
care because they help make the shift
from urgent care to wellness and
preventative care.  

In fact, wellness screens are one of the best
ways to get early detection of preventable
disease.  Wellness Screens are also
economical.  They help reduce cost while
increasing the quality of health care.

Best of all, our wellness screen results are
analyzed and reported by experienced
health professionals – true experts in the
health care field.

Our Online Wellness Screens are
confidential, private, and convenient.  You
can do your screen in the privacy of your
own home and no one else can see the
results without your expressed approval.