Avoid the Cost and Hassles of Health Fairs or Wellness Screens
with AHP Well's Free and Easy Health Fairs.
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Free & Easy Health Fairs

Think of our free health fair as the benefit of a wellness club or health club
that provides your members or charity with health wellness.
 This is a
community health fair online that is customized and privately run for your
club, group, church, or organization.  We will make your health & wellness
fair the easiest and most effective event you have ever done.  If you are new
to health fairs, we can provide you with the information and details to get you
off to a great start.

The Time For Wellness Is Now – Poor health costs individuals and the
nation billions.  Wellness is important because it not only addresses poor
health, but illness prevention as well.  The trend in health care is moving
away from acute care of singular problems towards holistic preventative
measures like wellness.

Now Clubs And Groups Can Get Free Wellness – Now clubs, groups,
churches, and organizations can receive free health club fair wellness
screenings, coaching and more for your members or charity.

Free Health Club Fairs Supports Wellness – Your club, group, church, or
organization do wonderful things for your members or charities – shouldn’t
there be a health club that does as much for you as you do for others?  
Register your organization in a free health club for wellness through an
online health fair.  *Also
Fund Raising Opportunities

Online Health Fairs Run By Physicians – Our online health fair is
comprehensive, customizable and professionally run by physicians.  We
have been doing mobile office and onsite health screens since 1988.  We
bring our onsite expertise and experience to the online environment.

Many See Health Fair as a Health Insurance Supplement or Substitute – If
you have health insurance, a health fair can be a valuable supplement to
your health insurance and possibly save you money on premiums.  If you
don’t have health insurance, a health fair can function as a first step in
providing free health care.

For Clubs Groups Churches Organizations

Better Health –
Until the health industry completes is necessary and difficult
transition, better health can still be difficult and expensive to
achieve.  Online Health Club Fairs can be a great way to get
better health easily for free.

Wellness –
This health fair can help you achieve true wellness which
surpasses good health because it helps mind and body

Prevention –
The benefit holistic wellness provides through our health fair
can help lead to timely disease prevention or complication.

Inside Information –
Participation in our health club fair provides not only
information about your own health; but information about
new and successful health tips, products and therapies as

Answers –
Get answers to many of your health issue questions.

Discounts –
Receive and learn about discounts for many top selling health

Save Money –
You and your members can get valuable wellness screening
and coaching for free.  This can save you money.

Save Time
Because you can participate online at your convenience, you
save time.

Practical Intervention –
Our professional coaching is designed to provide timely,
effective, and practical solutions to help you actually finish
what you start or defeat backsliding and failure.
Online Health Fairs Sponsored By
Advanced Wellness - ahpwell.com
Have you ever had - or wanted to have had a health fair or wellness screen for your
members but struggled with the thought of its cost or hassles?

We sympathize – health fairs and wellness screenings, though incredibly beneficial, can be
expensive, time consuming, and a lot of work!

Now, there is a great way to give your members the life saving benefits they need without
the expense and hassle you don’t with AHP Well’s Free and Easy Health Fairs and
Wellness Screens.
For your convenience and budget, we offer our Health Fair Wellness Events
in four (4) different but related forms:

*The free events are limited in scope, staff, and location.  For your convenience, you may receive a
general “boiler – Plate” proposal with cost and features.  Each event may be customized to your needs.

Health Fair Benefits