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In general, few businesses feel the effects of
a changing economy like health care and
medical practices in specific.  This is
because health entities have the additional
challenge of maintaining quality patient care
and outcomes in a cost cutting environment.
They must deal with cuts in reimbursement
as well as increased demands on practice
time, workloads, and productivity.  Moreover,
new health reform law presents new rules
and regulations to learn and master.

The current economic downturn has
underscored the need for every business
owner to keep their eye on the bottom line.  
Aggressive cost cutting is the order of the
day - but for how long?   Poor health is very
costly to the country in general and
businesses in particular.

Wellness Health Coaching Application

New Wellness Health Coaching
& Network Marketing Application

Helps Physicians Boost Reimbursement,
Improve Patient Outcomes, and Save Time

Lowering Patient Barriers and Non-Compliance
Lowers Practice Barriers
Patient non-compliance is a real and frustrating act,
yet, it is an overrated rationalization.  Our Application
helps eliminate patient barriers to good health which
helps patients be more compliant with your treatment
Education Alone Does NOT Change Patient Behavior
Studies show that most health pamphelets and
articals given to patients on hospital discharge or
office exit are never read.  Even worse, those few who
do read them rarely demonstrate much change in
health behavior.
Wellness Health Coaching App Increases Patient
Satisfaction and Outcomes
In addition to profiting financially, your practice will
receive the benefits from improved patient
satisfaction and clinical outcomes.
Wellness Health Coaching App Saves Practice
Time and Cuts Liability
Our Application eliminates the need for additional
staff of busy office time to incorporate effective
wellness and prevention strategies and follow-up
with your patients.
Wellness Health Coaching App Cuts Practice
Costs and Boosts Income
New health legislation and market forces have made
including wellness and prevention into your practice a
very profitable sign of distinction.  Our App makes this
easy and affordable.
Fortunately, there are new applications that help
medical practices boost reimbursement while
improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.  
Best of all, these applications assist physicians
and medical practices without increasing
practice time or workload demands.

We have been providing wellness based
solutions since 1988.  Our new Wellness
Health Coaching and Network Marketing
Application Helps Physicians leverage leading
health partners and the latest technology to help
physicians actually profit from wellness.  Full
use of our application can provide your practice
with six (6) distinct advantages:

1. Increase Practice Income
2. Decrease Practice Operating Costs
3. Save Practice Time and Staffing Resources
4. Increase Patient Satisfaction
5. Increase Patient Treatment Outcomes
6. Increase Practice Distinction and Marketability
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