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The current economic downturn has underscored the need for every
business owner to keep their eye on the bottom line.  Aggressive
cost cutting is the order of the day - but for how long?  

Eventually, aggressive cost cutting can destroy a company
or, at least, mortgage its future.  An increasing number of cash
strapped businesses are finding out that an investment in Health
Wellness is helping them improve their bottom line without
additional cuts in key areas – even if they can’t offer health benefits.

Many companies that do offer health benefits have realized even a
greater improvement in their bottom line through a variety of health
wellness strategies. Increasing health care costs and decreased
worker productivity are leading American businesses to examine
strategies to improve employee health and contain health costs that
are largely driven by chronic diseases and related lifestyle choices.

Employers are recognizing the role they can play in creating a
healthy work environment and providing their employees with
opportunities to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Best of all, the federal government is offering financial incentives
for health wellness and information
to businesses and medical practices and groups.

It is a fact that Poor health is very costly to the country in general
and businesses in particular.
Outsourcing Health Wellness
Could Provide the Financial Boost
Your Company or Practice May Want
To Learn the How the Power and Benefits of Outsourcing
a Health Wellness Could Help Your Business or Practice
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"Outsourcing Health Wellness"

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