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We are AHP WELL or Advanced Holistic Practice & Wellness Inc. AHP Well is a physician
based clinical and educational consulting firm that provides clients and patients with
state of the art health and wellness solutions involving effective wellness intervention and

AHP WELL INC. combines the best of clinical medical practice with effective business and
consumer health delivery models to provide health and wellness solutions that cut cost
and improve care. Our medical staff leverages our many years of clinical, business, and
product development experience to specialize in providing unique interventions that simplify
and assure wellness plan compliance.

At AHP WELL, our mission is to help our patients and clients increase the quality of the
care they receive or provide while decreasing its cost. In this way we believe we can
increase your quality of life and help foster a shift from addressing acute health issues to
true holistic wellness and prevention. Whether you are a group, business, or individual, our
Holistic  Practice features Advanced High-Tech Measures and Treatments.  We will
emphasize a holistic approach that uses Advanced Diagnostic Screening, Effective
Intervention and Treatments to Heal Current Health Problems and Help Early Detection for
Prevention and Improved General Health.
We provide unique interventions that simplify and assure wellness and prevention plan
compliance.  Fundamental to the success of any wellness and prevention plan is
behavioral change.  However, education alone does not guarantee behavioral change.  
Wellness and prevention plan participants must be assisted by easy interventions unique
to their circumstances to assure compliance.  This philosophy is exemplified by our
signature product
"Wellness without Work" which uses the users unique circumstances or
profile to create interventions that help fix the key health issues preventing their wellnes.s

In addition to our signature product, we provide many health other and wellness solutions
in the following areas:

Show how Companies, Groups, and Individuals save money
and prevent illness with very affordable wellness screenings.

How outsourcing Health Wellness Could Provide the Financial
Boost Your Company or Practice May Want.

Get professional and expert coaching and educational
seminars and programs along with the most essential
wellness resources.

Talk with a doctor online now about new remedies
for your health concerns.

New Remedies and Therapies.
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