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Advanced Holistic Practice

Assuring that You
Profit From Prevention and Wellness Easily

Wellness and prevention have been the
hope and dream of individuals, businesses
and the medical community for many
years.  Research indicates that wellness
and prevention can improve the quality
of life for individuals; Help businesses
decrease their insurance premiums; or
help medical practices comply with
quality care matrices.  The data also
shows that wellness and prevention can
save lives, cut costs, and in some cases,
increase income.  We know that wellness
and prevention is a great goal – but how
do we achieve it?

Currently, there is a great expansion in
number and type of new remedies and
therapies that affect wellness and
prevention.  In addition expert reviews of
wellness and prevention products and
services are becoming more prevalent.  
Best of all, there have been great advances
in the ways that wellness and prevention
products and services can be delivered.  
These days, wellness and prevention
services can be delivered quickly, easily,
cheaply and effectively.
At AHP Well we can deliver wellness and prevention
resources that prolong life, boost income, and cut cost.

Our medical teams 10 years of wellness testing, screening,
and coaching experience, is only surpassed by his nearly 20
years of surgery and holistic practice experience.

Our medical team has successfully partnered and served
with many top health and wellness organizations.

You can expect the best service and compassion.  Start with
an online appointment and get advice at your convenience
online or in our office.
Wellness – our primary function is to serve you.  We are not just interested
in making you better, we’re interested in making you well.  

Health wellness and prevention are huge topics these days.  Health wellness
clinics and centers have been around for a long time but they have not been
in the mainstream.  Today there are health wellness centers, stores, clinics,
and products popping up everywhere.  Even the new Health Care bill
signed by President Obama, is filled with health wellness and prevention
language and recommendations.  Health Care in general and medicine and
particular has known for some time that health wellness and prevention
should take a more prominent stand than it has in the past.

In some ways, the timing and emphasis with wellness could not be more
appropriate.  Some Studies suggest that the younger generation could be one
of the first generations that does not outlive their parents.  Reasons for this
include tremendous health and wellness issues.  Despite all of our efforts to
combat it problems like obesity, chronic pain, fatigue, and others continue
to spiral out of control.
Although many could improve their health with a more holistic and healthy
lifestyle, all the blame cannot be with the consumer.  It is true that each
individual has responsibility, in some part, for their own health.  But, only
until recently have there been ways to monitor and improve health and
wellness.  The simple fact is that we were not able to even collect the data
necessary to base good health and wellness recommendations on.

However, this has changed in recent years.  This is one reason why holistic
practice may be your best weapon in the war to master health wellness and
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